The Camden Public Library’s Brown Bag Lunch series continues on Friday, Sept. 23 at noon with a video presentation of PBS’s “Your Mind & Your Money: How Emotions, Risk, and Herding May Affect Your Investment Decisions.”

The 30-minute video will be followed by discussion and a short demonstration by Jamie Ritter on where to find online resources, such as Morningstar, Valueline, and Quicken Premier. The lunch is one of a monthly series of in-depth financial topics to help individuals plan investments and family budgets. The series is supported by a grant from FINRA, the nation’s financial regulatory agency.

Why do many make major financial decisions on the basis of “gut feelings” rather than logic? And why is it that some investors can’t stand taking risks with their hard-earned money, while others recklessly buy into market bubbles? Researchers in the new academic fields of Behavioral Finance and Neuroeconomics are trying to come up with answers. Their findings suggest that emotional and psychological factors play a major role in investment decisions. The Sept. 23 program will cover: how emotions can interfere with rational decision making; the impact of Risk Aversion and Risk Tolerance; and the tendency of investors to “follow the herd.”

The grant from FINRA also enables the library to offer a newsletter on financial planning and related local events, and to offer Quicken Premier software. The Quicken package will be made available to all participants in the Brown Bag Lunch Series for free. The goal of the library is to create a financially literate community and to make online financial tools more accessible to library and community members.

Upcoming topics include:

– All You Think You Know – Outsmarting Investment Fraud (Friday, Oct. 28)

– Setting Goals – Sticking to a Plan (Friday, Nov. 18)

– The College Years (Friday, Dec. 30)

– Preparing for Your Own Retirement (Friday, Jan. 27)

– Taking Care of a Loved One – What to Know and How to Prepare (Friday, Feb. 24)

– Choosing the Right Investments and an Investment Professional (Friday, March 23)

– Tips to Keep Things Running Smooth – Advanced Personal Finance Tools Friday, April 27)

– How are you Doing? – Evaluating Financial/Investment Performance (Friday, May 25)