Neal Bartley is a member of Camden First Aid’s “Access Team.” This specialized team is made up of firefighters from neighboring towns who respond to motor vehicle accidents and structural collapse calls where victims are trapped. With their heavy-duty tools and continuous training the team makes the rescue safer and easier for the rest of the emergency medical service providers.

Bartley started with CFAA approximately three years ago. It was an easy transition, onto the Access Team, with his similar responsibilities at the Rockport Fire Department. This is a way for Bartley  to be able to give back more to the community that he lives in and for which he cares.

Working as a Software Engineer for IBM is another technical job that Bartley has. He is able to work from home and this allows him the availability to go on fire and rescue calls through the day. He is married to Royan and they have chosen to fill their house with four-legged “children” as they have two dogs of their own, Kylie and Tazer, and help to foster many others at times. While enjoying some relaxation time Bartley enjoys hiking and sailing with his family.

As an emergency responder Bartley sees all kinds of different drivers on the roads. With today’s technology he has noticed that there are more distractions for the vehicle operator. Bartley wants to remind all motor vehicle operators that they are responsible for their actions, behind the wheel, so please “Hang Up and Drive.”