Troll hunter (Magnet/Magnolia, Blu-ray or standard DVD, PG-13. 103 min.). Yes, in many ways this recalls “The Blair Witch Project,” but it also is quite droll for a film about trolls. It seems Norway has a troll problem that the public is unaware of. When trolls, and there are several varieties, wander off their “reservations,” where they are kept inside by large electronic boundaries, and do some damage to wildlife or the occasional human, the attacks are always blamed on bears. In fact, the government has dead bears imported to leave at the scenes, and bear paws on sticks with which to leave tracks.

Hans (Otto Jespersen) is basically the Troll Security Service, the only troll hunter (“trolljegeren”). Soon he is followed by a group of three students from Volda College, who have decided to make a documentary about the bear attacks. Thus, there is lots of hand-held, jumpy camera work and even green night vision imagery. The students are on-camera narrator Thomas (Glenn Erland Tosterud), who eventually has too close an encounter with a troll; producer Johanna (Johanna Morek); and the almost-never-seen cameraman Kalle. They believe Hans is a poacher, killing bears. Twenty-eight minutes into the film, they learn their mistake when they encounter their first troll, a Tosserlad with three heads. There is some cool mythology here; basically, when trolls are killed they either turn to stone or explode. Trolls can also smell Christian believers, whom they attack. Along the way, out group is trapped in a cave of the Mountain Kings, and finally meet a gigantic troll. The special effects are quite good for basically a low-budget movie.

Blu-ray extras include deleted scenes, improv and bloopers, extended scenes, a featurette on visual effects, photo galleries and an HDNet look at the film. Grade: film 3.5 stars; extras 3 stars

Phineas  and Ferb The Movie: Across the 2nd  Dimension (Disney DVD, TVG, 77 min.). This is the TV movie starring the characters from Disney Channel’s number one animated hit comedy series among ages 9 to 14 the past three years. Phineas Flynn and his stepbrother Ferb Fletcher discover their pet platypus Perry is, in fact, a secret agent, complete with hidden underground lair. Phineas and Ferb come across Dr. Doofenshmirtz, who has created an Otherdimensionator that they help fix. All three, and a trailing Perry, go through to the other dimension, where the evil Dr. Doof already rules the whole Tristate Area and has an army of robotos that he brings to our dimension for conquest. I have a very serious question about who this series is really aimed at. There are dozens of visuals nods to decades-old TV shows that teenagers would have no clue as to who they were copying, and the songs are much too sophisticated too. It is entertaining, though. The Ultimate Fan Pack version comes with eight deleted scenes; a behind-the-scenes music video featuring the show’s creators; Perry-oke with on-screen lyrics for singing along; bonus episode “Attack of the 50 Foot Sister,” with creator commentary; and eight digital music tracks. Also included is a build-your-own Platypult kit. Grade: film 3 stars; extras 2.75 stars

Tom and Jerry & The Wizard of Oz (Warner, Blu-ray or standard DVD, NR, 59 min.). This original animated movie inserts Warner Bros. cartoon staples Tom and Jerry into “The Wizard of Oz” tale by making them Dorothy’s pets. Sticking to Tom and Jerry’s antics, we miss a lot of the main action — hence the tight running time — but we see them interact with Miss Gulch in a bicycle race to rescue Toto. When they land among the Munchkins, Dorothy’s already an hour ahead, but Tuffy the Munchkin Mouse helps them get to the Emerald City. Later, they are the ones who learn about what water can do to the Wicked Witch of the West, although they can’t quite save the day. The film looks fine — the Blu-ray version even has a Sepiatone opening, before turning to bright colors in Oz — and the voice work is good, but I was very disappointed in the singing voice for Dorothy (Grey DeLisle provides the speaking voice; Nikki Yanofsky, the singing). Four songs are kept from the original film including “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” Other Blu-ray extras include 6:48 on the science used in the film and a digital copy. Grade: film 3.25 stars

Tom and Jerry: Fur Flying Adventures Volume 2 (Warner DVD, NR, 99 min.). This 14-cartoon collection includes trips to the beach and the Alps (“The A-Tom-inable Snowman”), as well as the Hollywood Bowl. Guests include Spike the dog and vampire hunter Van Helsing. Grade: collection 3.25 stars

Rating guide: 5 stars = classic; 4 stars = excellent; 3 stars = good; 2 stars = fair; dog = skip it

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