The following deeds were recorded from Aug. 26 to Sept. 2 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds.


George D. Andreaus to Derek R. Anderson and Tia E. Anderson.


Jane Garland Lucas to Lisa L. Lowery.

Janice Creighton Est. to Jason Burridge and Shannon Burridge.

Janice Creighton Est. to Sara J. Bragdon.


Alice W. Ingraham and Alice W. I. Loomis to Christopher Cleary.

Barbara L. Owen to Thomas R. Joyal.


Carole F. Whelan to Carole F. Whelan and Richard H. Whelan.

Isle au Haut

Brown Investments I LLC. to Scott S. Brown, Carrie S. Brown Wolf, Judith K. Bays and Elizabeth E. Brown.

Carrie S. Brown Wolf, Judith K. Bays and Elizabeth E. Brown to Scott S. Brown.

North Haven

Tracey B. Allen to Alexandra M. H. Allen and Whitney I. Allen.

Owls Head

Annie Mae Ross Est. to Robert S. Pratt and Kathleen P. Pratt.

Irving H. McConchie and Geraldine N. McConchie and Andrew S. Hohns and Leah A. Popowich.


Carl H. Wooster and Paulette M. Webber to Michael J.  Czosnek and Rebecca Sue Czosnek.

Nancy J. Shugrue to James M. Pease and Maria L. Pease.

Marjorie A. Wooster and Marjorie A. Carriere to Ernest O. Wooster Jr.

Doria Ann Morrison to Stephen Joseph Morrison and Michael Arthur Morrison.

Donald C. Fowles Est. to Rebecca J. Dow.

Anne H. Matlack and Eric H. Berndt to Sarah A. Bartz and Jeffrey S. Oehlert.


Ruth Allen to Carol C. Allen Tr. and Carol C. Allen 2010 Revocable Trust.

Gordon E. Kulberg and Carol I. Kulberg to Martin R. McCarthy and Rachel M. McCarthy.

Marie Marshia to Marie Marshia and James D. Marshia.

Nancy Bowler to William Bowler.

Laura E. Gregory Est. to Bradford R. Gregory and Wanda B. Orr.

120 Union LLC to Penobscot Bay YMCA.

Richard S. Sallinen and Sharon T. Sallinen to Elizabeth Vonfelten.

Isabel A. Schoenbert and Isabel A. Jackubiak to Beauchamp Point Realty Trust.

Thomas J. Cieslinski and Suanne Singer to Thomas A. Roberts and Janet S. Roberts.


Highlands Fuel Delivery LLC. to IOCMA Inc.

Marion A. Polk Est. to Robert W. Polk.

George H. Ames Est. to Christopher W. Wolfe.

Cheri L. Reid to Charles Ball and Kelly Ball.

Donald C. Fowles Est. to Donald D. Fowles.

Donald D. Fowles to Donald D. Fowles and J. Elizabeth Fowles.


Laura Kirkpatrick Est. to Michael Beardsley.


Margaret C. Barringer to Carol Sapoznik and Marice Sapoznik.


Anne Salafia and James J. Salafia to James J. Salafia Jr. Tr., Anne Salafia Tr. and James J. Salafia Jr. and Anne Salafia Living Trust.

Russell F. Parker Jr. to Mikala J. Walton.

Nira Beram to Gilbert F. Lane Jr.

Donald C. Fowles Est. to Rebecca J. Dow, Donald D. Fowles and Karen D. Sellner.


Robert K. Lee to Damariscotta Bank and Trust Co.