A 27-year-old Rockland man who police said was a major supplier of Oxycontin in the Midcoast was sentenced Aug. 23 to four years in prison.

Michael Rainville was sentenced in Knox County Superior Court for two counts of trafficking in drugs. In addition to the four years in jail, he was fined $400, and ordered to pay $400 in restitution. Two other counts of trafficking drugs were dismissed.

On Jan. 11, the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency, Rockland police, the Knox County Sheriff’s Office, Rockport police and the Maine State Police executed a search warrant at Rainville’s residence after a several-month investigation into Oxycontin being sold from the residence.

Agents also had intercepted a package that was destined for the house that contained 100 Oxycontin OC 80 milligram pills. These pills had been taken out of the market several months ago and replaced by Oxycontin OP 80 milligram pills. They were replaced to help curb the abuse of the pills.

During the investigation, police found that the old Oxycontin OC 80 milligram pills were being sold in the Rockland area for $200 to $250 apiece. During the summer of 2010 they were selling for about $100 each. The pills skyrocketed in price on the illegal market once the pharmaceutical company stopped making the pills.

The confiscated pills had a value of $20,000 to $25,000. The pills were being shipped from out of state to the Midcoast to be resold. Agents found other various pills, hypodermic needles and anabolic steroids in the house.

The following other cases were closed in Knox County Superior Court from Aug. 19 through Sept. 2.

Daniel Carter, 31, Hancock, trafficking in drugs, three years in jail with all but 10 months suspended, two years probation, $400 fine, restitution of $370.

Matthew S. Catalano, 28, Rockland, trafficking in drugs, three years in jail with all but five months suspended, two years probation, $400 fine, restitution of $160.

Travis Crowley, 29, Dresden, trafficking in prison contraband, probation revoked.

Diane M. Crudell, 44, Rockland, burglary, theft, and aggravated criminal mischief on Jan. 6, 2010, in Warren, three years in jail with all but one month suspended, two years probation, restitution of $3,689; violating condition of release, 48 hours in jail.

Henry O. Dudley III, 30, Cushing, trafficking in drugs, three years in jail with all but 60 days suspended, two years probation, $400 fine.

Robert Graham, 20, Rockland, trafficking in drugs, 35 months in jail, $400 fine.

Stephanie R. Johnsen, 44, Rockport, operating a vehicle without a license or beyond conditions, seven days in jail; operating under the influence, two priors, two years with all but 45 days suspended, two years probation, six-year license suspension, $1,100 fine.

Martin Link, 39, Cushing, domestic violence assault, 18 months, stealing drugs, 18 months, criminal mischief, 90 days.

Duane D. Makie, 27, Rockland, theft, six months in jail, restitution of $350.

Duane D. Makie, 48, Rockland, unlawful possession of drugs, three years in jail stayed until Oct. 7, one-year probation, restitution of $360; aggravated trafficking in drugs, dismissed; possession of hydrocodone, dismissed; criminal forfeiture of property, dismissed.

Angela Polky, 22, Rockland, possession of drugs, $400 fine; unlawful possession of hydrocodone, dismissed.

Jerrad Roberts, 35, Rockland, assault and criminal threatening, 364 days in jail all suspended, one year administrative release.

John H. Seavey, 24, Washington, probation violation for a prior burglary charge.

Billie-Jo Thomas, 31, Rockland, trafficking in drugs, three years in jail with all but four months suspended, one-year probation, restitution of $270.

Cassie J. Young, 29, Jefferson, domestic violence assault, obstructing the report of a crime, 180 days with all but 14 days suspended, one-year probation.

Michelle D. Young, 21, Rockland, probation violation on a prior OUI case, 30 days in jail.