“Two seagulls, Gertrude and Heathcliff, see,” Red Skelton joked, as he crossed his eyes and put his thumbs into his armpits for one of his classic jokes about talking animals.

“Boy, I’m tired, I’m tired,” Heathcliff the seagull said.

“Why are you tired, you don’t do anything,” Gertrude replied.

“Do you realize every day I do this about 45,000 times a day,” Heathcliff said, and Red Skelton flapped his wings.

“You’re putting me on,” Gertrude said.

“No, 45,000 times a day I do this,” Heathcliff said, flapping his wings again.

Gertrude delivered the punchline: “Wouldn’t it be easier to buy some deodorant?”

Fast forward

Hope Creighton recently emailed several photos of seagulls to news@villagesoup.com.

She wrote: “Is anyone at VillageSoup old enough to remember Red Skelton’s skit about the two seagulls, Gertrude and Heathcliff? Well, here’s a sample of it with captions as I saw the two. There was definitely a male and a female and the male kept sidling over to the female and it was a hoot to watch the ‘couple.’”

Enjoy Hope Creighton’s photos and captions.