Tropical Storm Irene arrived in Maine and the Midcoast on Aug. 28, bringing a variety of conditions, depending on one’s location. And, the storm changed throughout the day, into the evening, and then well into the night as high tide rose just before the midnight hour.

While the Midcoast got off relatively easy from Irene’s powerful energy, immediately inland and then far to the western mountains, the wind and rain created more havoc. By Sunday night, 181,516 CMP customers were without electricity.

Right along the coast and in harbors, boats and docks were spared from much, if any damage, and by Monday morning, harbormasters were smiling, and ready to put vessels and floats back into the water.

In Rockport Harbor, a massive amount of seaweed piled up on Goodie’s Beach, and Harbormaster Abbie Leonard said it is for the taking, good for the garden!

High tide occurred at 11:01 p.m., Aug. 28, in Camden Harbor, and the storm surge, while not epic, was still impressive. Swells pushed in on a southwest wind as Irene’s backside wrapped through the region, and waves broke over Steamboat Landing, lifting spray across the parking area.

In Rockport Harbor, swells likewise swamped the inner harbor, bringing the water up over the commercial parking area, where fishermen stood as sentries, watching their boats ride the waves. In the end, all lines held, and the docks left in the water did fine.

Gov. LePage toured parts of the state via helicopter and his office sent along some photos.