The benefit concert by Midcoast bluegrass gospel group Northern Breeze scheduled forĀ  Sunday, Aug. 28 at 7 p.m. at the John Street United Methodist Church, 98 John St., to benefit the assisted living facility Sixty-Three Washington Street has been canceled due to the approach of Tropical Storm Irene.

Sixty-Three Washington Street is a licensed community-based nonprofit residential care facility, established in 1983, for active seniors. The facility has been in operation as a home for seniors since 1898 under various other names. Northern Breeze is donating its time and musical talent for the nonprofit facility’s annual fundraiser.

Northern Breeze’s sole purpose is to reach those through music they believe in and to lift up the name of Jesus in worship. The members sing gospel songs in hopes to reach someone who may not have heard the message of salvation. Northern Breeze is semi-nonprofit group that believes in the contribution of entertainment for charity events, church events, fund raising for food pantries, tsunami victims, for missionaries who travel to Africa and more.

Gene and Patricia Fowler of Washington started the group 10 years ago. Patty got her start by singing in the churches of Washington and several churches in Knox County. Gene joined her many years later when he gave his life to God and began attending church in Waldoboro with his wife. Gene plays banjo and guitar and also sings backup. Patty is the lead vocalist and also plays mandolin. They are joined by Josh Dyer, a talented guitarist, backup singer and lead singer; Mike Lash, a self-taught bass player who used to perform with the Family of God Singers.

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