Rabbi David Freidenreich will be at Adas Yoshuron Synagogue in Rockland on Sunday, Aug. 28 at 11 a.m. for a lecture and discussion entitled “Food and Jewish Identity (Is Keeping Kosher about Keeping Separate?)”

According to Rabbi Freidenreich, Jewish dietary laws are not just about keeping kosher; Jewish law includes a variety of restrictions designed to prevent Jews from eating with non-Jews. These rules, like their counterparts in Christianity and Islam, seek to reinforce a sense of identity while protecting the boundary between “us” and “them.” Today, however, people value their relationships with members of other religions. Rabbi Freidenreich asks the question: what can we learn about our various religions from rules we don’t accept?

The lecture will be followed by a light luncheon. All are welcome.

Rabbi Freidenreich is the Pulver Family Assistant Professor of Jewish Studies at Colby College in Waterville. He is the author of “Foreigners and Their Food: Constructing Otherness in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Law.” His book explores how Jews, Christians, and Muslims construct ideas of self and otherness through rules about the preparation and sharing of food. He earned his doctorate in Religion from Columbia University and his Rabbinic Ordination from the Jewish Theological Seminary in 2006. He did his undergraduate work at Brandeis University, where he studied Politics and Near Eastern and Judaic Studies.

Located at 50 Willow St. in Rockland, Adas Yoshuron is an unaffiliated, all-inclusive synagogue serving the Jewish community of Midcoast Maine since 1912. The synagogue will celebrate its 100th anniversary next year. For more information about this and other programs, please call 594-4523, or email yoshuron@midcoast.com.