School starts Monday, Aug. 29

Bus #1 A.M. – Kristi Brown
7:45 Route 235 start picking up students after the end of Heal Road on 235. Turn onto 173 N @ 7:50 picking up all students to Brodis/Heather Hill Road @ 7:55. Take 173 up to High Street @ 8:00 picking students up along the way. Turn left onto Moody Mountain Road @ 8:10 towards Heal Road @ 8:15. Turn back onto Route 235 @ 8:20 and head to school. Arrive @ school @ 8:25.

Bus #1 P.M.
Leave school @ 3:05 turning left on Route 235 to Heal Road. Take Heal Road to Lincolnville Center, then turn onto 173N up to Brodis/Heather Hill Road. Turn around and head up Route 173 to High Street and onto Moody Mountain Road. Continue on Moody Mountain Road to Route 235. Turn around at end of Heal Rd. on 235.

Bus #2 A.M. – Trish Wiley
7:55 begin on North Cobbtown Road then turning onto Route 52. Go down Route 52, stopping at Stan Cilley Road, then onto Greenacre Road at 8:05. Continue down Greenacre Road and turn around at the Belmont town line, then back to Tucker Brook Road, then onto Masalin Road at 8:15 and back to Tucker Brook Road at 8:20. Head onto Route 52 and down Route 173 to arrive at school at 8:25.

Bus #2 P.M.
Leave school at 3:05 turning onto Route 173. Turn onto Route 52 at 3:05. Turn onto Tucker Brook Road at 3:10 heading up Masalin Road and back down to Tucker Brook Road, turning onto Greenacre Road at 3:20. Turn around at Belmont Line and head back toward Route 52. Turn left onto Route 52@ 3:30 and continue on Route 52 to North Cobbtown Road at 3:35.

Bus #3 A.M. – Gary Croetau (Temporary)
7:45 at end of Route 173/ Route 1 towards Camden.. Turn around at Dyer Drive @ 7:55. Head back Route 1 to Northport town line (Point Look Out) @8:05. Turn around and head back on Route 1 to Ducktrap Road. Take right onto Slab City Road @ 8:10. Take Left onto Route 52/Belfast Road@ 8:20 towards school for @ 8:25 arrival.

Bus # 3 P.M. Leave school @ 3:05 to head down Route 173 to Route 1. Turn right onto Route 1 to Camden Line. Turn around and head back on Route 1 to Northport town line (Point Lookout) @3:30. Turn around and head back on Route 1 to Ducktrap Road. Take Slab City Road to Route 52/Belfast Road @ 3:45.

Bus #4 – Donald Heald
7:45 head down Route 173 beginning at Petunia Pump. Continue on Route 173/ Beach Road @ 7:50 onto Sand Hill Road @ 7:55. Turn around and continue on Route 173/ Beach road to Youngtown Road @ 8:00. Take right onto Route 52/Camden Road @ 8:10 then to Route 173 to Thurlow Road @ 8:15. Turn around and head to school for @ 8:25 arrival.

Bus #4 P.M.
Leave school @ 3:05 and head down Route 173 dropping off students along the way. Then onto Thurlow Road@ 3:10, turn around and continue down route 173/Beach Road to Sand Hill Road. Turn around and continue down Route 173/Beach Road to Youngtown Road and then to Route 52/Camden Road.

Please note: These are approximate times. Please have children waiting 10 minutes before scheduled pick-up for the first couple of days. Times are subject to change as we account for all children on each route.