These are turbulent times for investors and retirees. How does one get a stable return and how can one feel secure in their investments? The next Brown Bag Lunch topic at the Camden Public Library will be “Basic Investing – Choosing Investments and Accounts that Meet Your Needs,” on Friday, Aug. 26, at noon.

The speaker will be Alyson B. Cummings, Investment Education Manager for the State of Maine Department of Professional and Financial Regulation Office of Securities. The lunch is one of a monthly series of in-depth financial topics to help individuals plan investments and family budgets. The series is supported by a grant from FINRA, the nation’s financial regulatory agency.

The Office of Securities is Maine’s investor protection agency. It is the agency of state government within the Maine Department of Professional Regulation responsible for licensing broker-dealers and investment advisers in Maine. A basic guide to investing and a variety of e-publications and other resources are available on their website at

Cummings is the Investor Education Manager for the Maine Office of Securities. She regularly speaks to consumer and investor groups on a variety of investor education topics, and directs the Office’s other outreach and fraud prevention efforts. She has worked on Senior Investor Education initiatives as a member of the Investor Education Committee of the North American Securities Administrators Association and currently is a member of NASAA’s Investor Education Promotion and Coordination Committee. She is also co-chair of the Maine Association of Triads, a statewide grassroots organization that promotes the physical and financial safety and well-being of older adults, and co-chair of the Maine chapter of the Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy. Prior to joining the Office of Securities, Cummings was a small business owner (restaurant owner/chef) in Maine and attorney specializing in securities and corporate law in New York and Maine.

The FINRA grant also enables the library to offer a newsletter on financial planning and related local events, and to offer Quicken Premier software. The Quicken package will be made available to all participants in the Brown Bag Lunch Series for free. The goal of the library is to create a financially literate community and to make online financial tools more accessible to library and community members. For more information call Jamie Ritter at the Camden Public Library, 236-3440.