The Knox County Health Clinic announces that Midcoast residents have saved more than $6 million in medication costs since the Prescription Assistance Program’s inception in 2003. The program, administered by the Knox County Health Clinic, was started to help low-income community members get critically important medications they otherwise would not have been able to afford, including insulin for diabetes and medications to lower patients’ blood pressure and cholesterol.

The Prescription Assistance Program has grown dramatically in recent years. As more folks find themselves out of work, or working multiple jobs to make ends meet, they face difficult financial decisions. “People who come to me are choosing between paying their rent, heating their home, feeding their family or purchasing their medications,” said program coordinator Dana Coleman, in a news release. “Those are decisions no one should have to make.”

Coleman has served as part-time coordinator of the PAP program since 2004. She helps patients by navigating the cumbersome application process that pharmaceutical companies require to obtain low-cost medications. The clinic does not provide any narcotics, and participants in the program do not have to be clinic patients.

The Prescription Assistance Program is part of the Knox County Health Clinic, a volunteer-based non-profit that offers low-cost medical and dental care, prescription assistance, and mental health services to neighbors in need. To make a tax-deductible donation, to volunteer, or to request services please call 594-6996 or visit our website at