The following deed transfers were recorded from Aug. 5 through Aug. 12 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds.


Charles E. Chapman to Jason Gushee.

Cynthia J. Backiel to Katherine E. Lombard.


First NA, Steven L. Dunn and Janet Lynne Dunn to Keybank National Association.

MSSN Investment Properties LLC. to Mark Siegenthaler.


Bruce A. Bailey to Nance M. Monaghan.


Charles Weidman to Theresa L. Withee.

Lois Hebb to Neil J. Hebba and Karen Hebb.


Deborah H. Ross, Harry B. Ross and Sarah C. B. Ross to Airport Lounge LLC.

Owls Head

Christy R. Watkinson to Christy R. Watkinson and Dawn W. Watkinson.


Paul E. Miller and Patricia P. Miller to Entrust Group Inc., Christopher S. McBride IRA 1006036 O1 and Stephanie D. McBride IRA 017015 02.

Cheryl A. York to Mary Torpacka.

E. Richard Carey Est, Timothy S. Con Carey and Mary Ann Carey to Timothy S. Carey.

Timothy S. Con Carey and Mary Ann Carey to Timothy S. Carey.

Robert N. Emery Jr. to Kevin R. Thompson and Kimberly J. Thompson.


Audrey B. Iarocci to Louis Esposito and Donna F. Esposito.

Steven Weisberger to Thomas Wayne Greer and Tracy Elizabeth Greer.

Melinda Grady Gallagher to Andrew N. Cook, Joanne Sandberg Cook.

Ella Mae Philbrook Est. to Russell Spear and Joanne Spear.

St. George

Dixie L. Hutchinson to Brett Hutchinson.

Lawrence G. Batz to Anne W. Bardaglio.

Peter D. Merloni and Denise W. Merloni to Denise W. Merloni Tr., Peter D. Merloni Tr. and Merloni Maine Realty Trust.


Lisa M. Douglas, Lisa M. White, Lisa M. Bickmore and Lisa Marie Steinmetz to Elaine C. Frost.

Haley Dawn Jones and Everett Francis Jones to Cynthia Burns Van Gaalen.


Peter D. Corrigan and Pamela S. Corrigan to Maryjane Cancro and Sue Goldfarb.

Cheryl A. Worthing to Tamberlyn Gray.

Vernon L. Demmons and Vicki L. Demmons to Nicholas P. Blais.