The Waldoboro Fire and Recreation Departments recently joined forces for some learning and summer fun at the town’s Summer Recreation Program. Children were treated to some cooling off while learning about the intricacies of firefighting.

Recreation Director Kyle Santheson said in a news release, “the kids really look forward to the fire department coming, but most of all they just like getting soaked.”

Firefighters demonstrated water supply techniques, showed off their equipment and gave children a chance to operate the fire hose. The group was also treated to short rides in the fire truck.

Fire Chief Paul Smeltzer said, “our firefighters really enjoy interacting with the kids, its amazing to see their faces light up when we arrive. Some of us dress out in full bunker gear to familiarize the kids with what we’ll look like in the event we show up at their house in the middle of the night.”

The activity culminated with teams racing the clock in the bucket brigade relay which demonstrates how fire fighting was done many years ago. Water is transferred bucket by bucket from one place to another. “It’s a fun, but interesting activity”, Santheson said, “the kids have to work as a team and do a little problem solving since the buckets have holes….they get a little wet.”

The Waldoboro Summer Recreation Program typically runs for five weeks in the summer and is attended by 20 to 25 kids daily.