Priest (Sony Blu-ray, NR, 87 min.). In this film’s alternate world, vampires and humans have fought for centuries, with the vampires forcing the humans into large fortified cities, until the creation of the Warrior Priests. So skilled were they that they turned the tide and the vampires were put in locked-down reservations. However, fearing their creations, the Church disbanded the Priests and those who remain are shunned by everyday people.

Most of this is told in wonderful animation near the film’s beginning. We then see a vampire attack on an outpost family, with the daughter (Lily Collins as Lucy Pace) captured alive. She is the daughter of the brother (Stephen Moyer of “True Blood”) of Priest, the film’s main character. Due to it being a vampire attack, even more than it being his niece, Priest (Paul Bettany) wants the Church to reinstate him, but Monsignor Orelas (a perfect Christopher Plummer) forbids it. Priest goes anyway and hooks up with Lucy’s boyfriend, Sheriff Hicks (Cam Gigandet) and they find a hive that was home to dozens of undocumented vampires. The two are soon joined by Priestess (Maggie Q), one of four sent out to stop Priest. Instead they must stop a vampire plan to destroy the city’s humans and rescue Lily, while being confronted by a super vampire (Karl Urban as Black Hat).

The film, which quotes John Ford’s “The Searchers,” the “Mad Max” films and “Blade Runner” as inspirations, often looks terrific. It is part western Steampunk outside the city and very much “Blade Runner” inside the city. The vampires are different from the usual too, as they have no eyes. The heroes also travel on futuristic motorcycles. The Blu-ray edition includes picture-in-picture interviews and other background information. The DVD and Blu-ray versions also include commentary by director Charles Stewart, writer Cory Goodman and actors Bettany and Q; seven deleted and extended scenes (12:31), including more of the hive prologue, a different last encounter with Orelas and a different ending; and looks at creating the film’s world, weapons and vehicles. The 3D version includes 360-degree views of the weapons and vehicles. Grade: film 3 stars; extras 3.25 stars

Stake Land (Dark Sky Blu-ray, R, 98 min.). Written by director Jim Mickle and actor Nick Damici, this is a much more realistic view of a United States gone to hell  after a vampire plague. Damici plays Mister, who is headed north to New Eden in Canada. Early on, he picks up Martin (Connor Paolo of “Gossip Girl” and also the film’s narrator) just as his parents are attacked and killed. Along their journey they will rescue a nun (Kelly McGillis) from rapists and pick up new traveling companions in a pregnant singer (Danielle Harris) and a war veteran (Sean Nelson). And while there are vampires of various types to be killed along the way, some of the hardest times come at the hands of the Brotherhood religious cult, led by Jebedia Loven (Michael Cerveris), who believes the vampires were sent by God.

Extras include a 62-minute making of composed of un-narrated video diaries; seven short films that are character prequels (the one about singer Belle is horrific and the best, while Martin’s is creepy and Mister’s is a bit poetic in a way); pre-production storyboards; and two audio commentaries by cast and crew. Grade: film 3.5 stars; extras 3 stars

Rating guide: 5 stars = classic; 4 stars = excellent; 3 stars = good; 2 stars = fair; dog = skip it

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