“Finding the ‘sweet spot’ for client contact is essential,” said eMarketing experts Dan Belhassen and Susan Hurrell in a news release. They teach online courses for a new eMarketing Certificate program sponsored by Five Town CSD Adult and Community Education. “For example, variables like subject line can have a definite impact on your email open rates,” said Belhassen.

“Segmenting your main list can give you more reach into your audience by breaking that list down into specific areas of interest,” adds Hurrell. “Segmenting allows you to reach out to them with a more refined or highly targeted message,” she says.

The two keys to success in email marketing are strategy and implementation, Belhassen suggests. “That means having a plan and working the plan, making course corrections along the way as you learn more about your target audience,” he states. Consistent basic statistics are essential to maximize the impact of your email marketing program. You need to know open rates, click through rates per link, and bounce rates for your individual campaigns and email lists. Not all email marketing service providers give you easy access to those numbers, Belhassen and Hurrell report.

“The eMarketing Certificate, composed of three one-month online courses, is relevant for people in any workplace organization, including companies, nonprofits, government and small business,” said Tim Dresser of Five Town CSD Adult and Community Education. Marketing has changed in the last 5 years dramatically and businesses need to follow the trends and change the way they get their messages out, too. In the first UGotClass one-month online course, “Improving Email Promotions,” participants learn the trends in email effectiveness, keys to success, and how to execute more successful email promotions.

In the second course on “Boosting Your Web Site Traffic,” participants learn how to analyze their website visitor traffic, how to use search engine optimization to get greater visibility and exposure in Google searches, and how to redesign website copy to increase visitors and results.

In the final one-month online course, “Online Advertising”, participants are taught about the keys to making online advertising work for them and their organization. They learn how pay-per-click advertising with Google AdWords works, find out how to test low budget Adword campaigns, and learn how to target local audiences.

The online courses are offered four times a year. For additional information about the eMarketing or other online courses and certificates, contact Five Town CSD Adult Education at 236-7800, ext. 5 or adulted@fivetowns.net, or visit their website, fivetowns.maineadulted.org.