Artist Susan Beebe will speak about her goal of depicting in art all of the more than 300 species of birds that rely on the boreal forest of Canada and Alaska Wednesday, Aug. 24 at 5 p.m. at the Project Puffin Visitor Center, 311 Main St.

Beebe was inspired to begin her project, which she has been working on for more than three years, when she heard ornithologist Jeff Wells give a talk on the boreal forest and its birds at Camden Public Library. One of the world’s last great intact wildernesses, the Canadian boreal forest is known as the Bird Nursery of the North because about three billion birds fly there every spring to nest and raise their young, returning south in a great migration of five billion birds. But the boreal forest is increasingly fragmented and threatened by industrial development driven by demand by the United States for forest products such as paper, oil, gas and minerals.

Beebe will show a few of her original pieces at the presentation. She said she wants to raise awareness of the importance of the boreal forest because the policy decisions made in the next decade will ensure or deny its future survival.

“There’s still abundance and intact ecosystems in the great Northern forest. I want to express that abundance, as well as the joy of birds migrating and the incredible diversity of species,” she said.

The Puffin Center is free and open to the public. To reserve a seat, call 596-5566.

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