The Camden Rotary Club is seeking candidates for a Rotary Youth Leadership Awards program to be held at Northern Outdoors in The Forks Sept. 16-18.

The Rotary Club will award one scholarship to cover registration for this valuable program, which is open to young people aged 21 to 35. Participants have the opportunity to develop leadership skills, increase self-confidence, meet community leaders and network with their peers from Maine and Quebec.

This program includes numerous physical and mental challenges, which test logic, encourage teamwork and enable individuals to build confidence and overcome personal obstacles. The program is designed for young adults who are entering the job force or in the job force beyond entry level but not yet in management roles.

This program includes lodging, meals, the leadership program and white water rafting. Candidates must be between the ages of 21 and 35. Applications are due Aug. 15.

For details contact Scott Carlson at 236-0863 or visit