Waldoboro residents are invited to pick blueberries at Quarry Hill Farm beginning Saturday, Aug. 6.

The blueberry fields on the 320-acre, town-owned, Quarry Hill property are currently leased to and managed by Coastal Blueberry Services, which began its 2011 harvest this week. As part of the lease the company agreed to work jointly with the town and the Medomak Valley Land Trust to incorporate a public harvest.

A designated area has been set aside specially for the public harvest, but the public is also welcome to glean berries in other areas since commercial harvesting is finished. Participants should bring their own containers. Raking is not permitted.

The 320-acre Quarry Hill Farm is owned and managed by the town of Waldoboro for the complementary goals of providing opportunities for low-impact recreation, protecting wildlife habitat, maintaining the property’s scenic beauty, and protecting active and productive farmland. The property has been permanently protected with a conservation easement that is held by MVLT.

For questions about the Quarry Hill property or the blueberry harvest please contact the town of Waldoboro at 832-5369 or the Medomak Valley Land Trust at 832-5570.