Dancers from here and away gathered July 30 for a National Dance Day “flash mob” in the Camden Amphitheatre, organized by Camden Public Library’s children’s librarian Amy Hand.

Beginning at 10 a.m., local dance educator Erma Colvin led an growing group of people of all ages through a simple choreography set to “We Go Together” from the musical “Grease!” After an hour or so, and as chairs began to be brought in for an afternoon wedding, the ad hoc dance troupe performed the number through twice for student volunteer videographer Ryan Splaine, who created a finished video that may be seen on YouTube along with one by another witness to the short-lived but good-spirited event. Hand said she hoped this would be the first of an annual series.

To see the videos, visit and enter “National Dance Day Camden Maine Amphitheater 2011.” Splaine’s video may be seen below.

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