Chief Ron Young of the Lincolnville Police Department is currently investigating several burglary complaints in Lincolnville.

A sharp increase in burglaries has been reported to have occurred in the past two months. The majority of these burglaries are reported to have occurred during the day, with the perpetrator gaining entry to homes in residential areas that have been left unlocked by the homeowner. The burglaries have been reported in several areas throughout the town, according to a news release from Lincolnville police.

Young said the increases in robbery and burglary complaints are a result of the increasing demand for money to feed the state’s drug habits. In addition to cocaine and heroin, the state of Maine, including Lincolnville and Waldo County, has seen significant increases in the abuse of prescription medication and illegal drug use and that demand also leads to more burglaries and robberies, the news release stated.

Young said the investigations of these burglaries are currently ongoing and he has gained leads to potential suspects. Four additional burglary complaints in Lincolnville are currently under investigation by the Maine State Police and the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office.

Chief Young stressed the importance of homeowners taking precautions and locking their doors when they are away. He advised having a relative or neighbor check on the residence or fill out a form at the town office for a local police house check.

Lincolnville police are actively seeking information on these burglaries and encourage any suspicious activity be reported to police. To make a confidential tip call Chief Young at Lincolnville Police Department at 763-3555 or the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office at 338-2040.