Mark Hutchinson from the University of Maine Cooperative Extension will present a talk on composting on Tuesday, Aug. 9 at 12 noon at Merryspring Nature Center.

Hutchinson’s talk will offer insights on home composting and the successful utilization of compost.

What’s the big deal with composting? Well, the foundation of a good garden is soil, and nature has a way of ensuring that the earth in which plants grow have all the nutrients they need. This is called decomposition, and it is this breaking down of plant and animal material by microorganisms, fungi, and insects that returns nutrients to the soil. Composting takes that idea and simply spends it up. Blend together carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, water, and microorganisms and it’s a ready recipe for a nutrient-rich plant food to use in the garden.

Hutchinson is an extension professor with the University of Maine in Orono and a part of the Maine Compost Team, which is an international leader in compost education and research. A faculty member at the Maine since 2000, Hutchinson has numerous projects related to compost methodology and utilization.

This program is part of Merryspring’s Summer Tuesday Talk Series, which is co-sponsored by The First and by Jaret and Cohn.

Admission to the Tuesday Talks is free to Merryspring members and children. There is a $5 charge for non-members.

Merryspring is a member-supported, non-profit nature education center and park located at the end of Conway Road just off Route 1 by the Hannaford shopping plaza in Camden. For more information, call Merryspring at 236-2239 or visit the website at