Nearly 50 members and friends attended the annual meeting on June 29 of The Osprey Club, a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to donate advanced medical equipment and technology each year to Pen Bay Medical Center. This year members voted to purchase equipment totaling $37,000.

The new equipment will include a vital signs monitor for the Oncology/Infusion Center, a recumbent bicycle and an upper body ergometer for Pen Bay physical therapy patients, and a temporary pacemaker for the Special Care Unit, among many other items. With this year’s purchases, The Osprey Club will have donated nearly $700,000 in equipment to Pen Bay Medical Center since 1994.

The Osprey Club receives requests for equipment from department heads at Pen Bay for items approved but unfunded by the Pen Bay budget in that year. This helps fulfill many of the ongoing daily needs of staff and physicians in providing quality care to their patients.

For more information about The Osprey Club, or to make a donation, please contact the Pen Bay Healthcare Foundation at 594-6705.