The annual studio open house at Old Point Comfort, home and studio of rug weaver Sara Hotchkiss, will be held Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 6 and 7 from noon to 5 p.m. at the South Waldoboro gallery at 28 Pitcher Road, the corner of Route 220 and Pitcher six miles south of Moody’s Diner.

There are several new projects on the looms including commission to design and weave a 7.5-by-10-foot rug for a family near Boston on the 12-foot Glimakra Swedish rug loom. Inspiration for the design comes from an antique Armenian kilim the client’s grandparents owned, remembered from her childhood. Over the many years of use, the kilim became damaged and could no longer be used as a rug. A section of the kilim will become a bench cover, and Hotchkiss is using elements of the design as inspiration for this new rug.

β€œIt is interesting to note that the technique used in weaving a kilim β€” a flat weave tapestry technique using wool yarn β€” is very similar to the technique I use in my rugs, which are woven using cotton fabric,” Hotchkiss said.

Guests also will have an opportunity to try out the portable tapestry looms and to sign up for the Portable Tapestry Loom class that begins Aug. 10. These looms are unique because they are small, about 14-by-20-inch; can be taken anywhere; and are quick to learn and weave on. For more information about the class, call 832-8133 or visit

In addition, there are perennial gardens, rugs of all sizes and colors in the gallery for rug collectors and cookies for everyone.

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