Readers are reminded that an arrest or summons does not constitute a finding of guilt. An individual charged with a crime is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty at some later criminal proceedings.

The Lincolnville Police Department reported the following activity for the week ending July 17:

July 12

Chief Ron Young responded to a criminal mischief complaint at Norton Pond for a report of graffiti being carved into the picnic tables at Breezemere Park and plugs that had been reported taken from the sailboats belonging to Lincolnville Boat Club. The incident remains under investigation and anyone with information can contact Young at 763-3555.

Officer Ryan Nickerson responded to South Chester Dean Road for a complaint between parties that had a falling out over ground work which had been performed several months prior. Officer Nickerson informed both parties the issue was a civil matter and referred the parties to district court.

Officer Nickerson conducted a radar detail on Moody Mountain Road. No violations observed.

Officer Nickerson conducted business checks on Atlantic Highway and McKay Road. Both buildings were secure.

July 13

Chief Young and Officer Nickerson responded to a criminal mischief complaint on Greenacre Road. A resident reported a sign had been stolen, another sign had been placed at a different location and bushes had been cut and disturbed. The incident is under investigation.

Chief Young responded to Lincolnville Beach for a wildlife complaint. Marine Patrol was called for the removal of a dead seal which had washed up on the beach.

Chief Young responded to a parking problem at the Lincolnville Beach boat launch area. A vehicle with an attached and submerged trailer which had been tied to the vehicle’s bumper with a rope was later determined to have been left by occupants casting a sailboat at low tide.

Officer Nickerson conducted a stationary radar detail on Searsmont Road. No violations reported.

Officer Nickerson conducted business checks on Atlantic Highway, Beach Road and Main Street. All building were secure.

Peter Stevick, 54, of Rockport was issued a summons for an expired inspection sticker (more than 180 days) by Officer Nickerson on Atlantic Highway.

July 14

Officer Brian Lunt conducted a radar detail on Moody Mountain Road. No violations reported.

Officer Lunt responded to a 911 disconnect on Hope Road. When Officer Lunt knocked on the door of the residence a male subject answered the door and appeared to be covered in blood. The male was asked to step outside of the residence by Officer Lunt while Officer Lunt checked the well-being of a female identified to be inside the home by the male. Sgt. James Greeley of the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office arrived on scene and stayed with the male while Officer Lunt spoke with the female. After an interview with the female, Alan Woodruff, 75, of Lincolnville was arrested by Officer Lunt for domestic violence assault and obstructing the report of a crime or injury. Officer Lunt took Woodruff to Waldo County Corrections where he was later released.

Michael Marden, 58, of Lincolnville was summoned for terrorizing by Chief Young on Hope Road, reportedly as the result of an incident regarding the mowing of the Lincolnville Ball Fields.

July 15

Chief Young responded to Hope Road and warned a male subject for violating conditional release and to leave the premise.

Chief Young responded to McKay Road for a reported complaint of burglary to a motor vehicle. Subsequently, Aaron Miller, 21, of Palermo was arrested for burglary to a motor vehicle and class C felony theft by unauthorized taking for removing a GPS device from a parked vehicle. Miller was taken by Chief Young to Waldo County Corrections. Miller was currently on probation for a prior charge of burglary.

Animal control

Lincolnville Police responded to four animal control complaints during the reported activity period.