For the 2010-2011 school year, two students from Hope Elementary School were recognized as winners of the Continental Mathematics League. Olivia Powers was a regional winner of the fifth-grade competition, and Tristan Fong was a national winner in the seventh-grade competition.

The Continental Mathematics League consists of a series of five competitions held throughout the school year. During each meet, hundreds of students from around the country are all given the same six word problems and 30 minutes to solve the problems. Though the questions do not require beyond grade level computation skills, the problems do require some extraordinary logic and higher order thinking skills. Each school submits the top six scores as a team score as well as the highest individual score.

At the fifth-grade level, 383 schools across Canada and the United States competed in CML. Powers, with a score of 27, had the highest individual score for the Northeast region. That region includes students from Canada, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont and Maine. She was presented with a framed certificate and a medal for her efforts at an award ceremony held at the school on June 15.

Fong is one of only six national winners who completed all five CML meets with a perfect score of 30. At the seventh-grade level, there were 134 schools participating in CML. This places Tristan as one of the top six of hundreds of middle school math students nationally competing in the CML. He was also recognized with a certificate and medal on June 15.

Hope Elementary School, along with other area schools, has competed in the Continental Mathematics League periodically since the league’s inception in 1980. This is the first time any of Hope’s students have been recognized beyond the school level. To have both a regional and a national winner in the same school year is a significant accomplishment for Powers, Fong and Hope school.