More than just a potter, Asha Fenn of Stockton Springs is an interesting person to get to know at the Rockland Art Market, which runs Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Mildred Merrill Park on Main Street, overlooking Harbor Park.

Fenn describes herself as a poet, artist, potter and sculptor living on the coast of Maine whose path began in a totally different trajectory. Until she reached her mid-twenties, she was determined to get a doctorate in history and work as a professor. But she could not escape the impulse to make art.

“Poems sprang into being on the margins of my textbooks, sketches infiltrated my notes. For every major paper assigned for a class, I wrote a short story as a reward,” she said.

Throughout college, graduate school, marriage and traditional jobs, creativity kept squirming out of her grasp. Eventually, illness and disability pushed her away from scholarship and regular nine-to-five employment and into the embrace of the arts. Now, her days revolve around rendering the inspiration that bubbles forth into form using words, pigment or clay.

“I am indescribably thankful that my work brings me such bliss … I believe that we are imaginative, inventive beings to our core. To deny it would be folly,” she said.

Fenn’s work and that of other potters, jewelers, photographers, fine woodworkers, painters and mixed media crafters are featured at the Rockland Art Market. For more information, visit

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