Alexander Sanger will give a slide-talk of his grandmother Margery Durant’s air popularization tour across Europe, the Middle East and Africa in 1931 and 1932 at the Rockland Public Library on Thursday, July 28 at 6:30 p.m.

Durant was the daughter of William C. Durant, founder of General Motors. She was also a friend of Amelia Earhart. Perhaps inspired by Earhart, the goal of Durant’s trip, three years after Lindberg’s Atlantic crossing, was to demonstrate that air transportation was feasible, inexpensive and safe. Durant hired veteran aviator Charles LaJotte and they used two planes, a Lockheed Vega and a Sikorsky S-38 Flying Boat.

They first flew from England along the Mediterranean through Italy, North Africa, Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Turkey and Romania. The second portion of their trip took them along the Nile River as far south as Port Bell in Uganda on Lake Victoria.

Along the way, Durant took hundreds of photographs using glass lantern slides and black and white film. The photos were recently discovered after having sat in Durant’s caretaker’s attic for over half a century. The presentation, featuring many of Durant’s color images, reveals the world as seen by this intrepid explorer and believer in the future of air travel.

The program is free. For more information call 594-0310.