Liam Ducharme of Waldoboro recently joined the ranks of Maine’s estimated 1,000 backyard hobbyist beekeepers. His engaging 18-minute video “Installing a Package of Honeybees into a Hive” is striking an enthusiastic chord with online viewers as LCTV’s video on demand July pick. Ducharme is a member of the Knox-Lincoln County Beekeepers Association. His hives are licensed with the state of Maine.

On camera, a suited-up Ducharme vividly describes the process, while offering interesting and memorable bits of information about honeybees and beekeeping. “This is my first year of beekeeping,” Ducharme said, off camera. “I installed two packages of bees into two hives, one after another. The video is of the second packages.”

Ducharme took up beekeeping for good reasons. “I love honey. I’ll get larger and more product from my vegetable and flower gardens, and bees are fascinating,” he said. “They’re also in trouble. In recent years, Varroa and Tracheal mites have invaded the United States. That, coupled with Colony Collapse Disorder, has all but wiped out our wild honey bee hives. I haven’t seen a honey bee in my yard for years.”

For Ducharme, beekeeping is “actually quite peaceful, once you realize how docile the honeybees are.”

“They are not aggressive like wasps or hornets,” he said. “When working the hive, there is a wonderful aroma of beeswax and nectar, and the peaceful buzzing of their wings. It’s a really neat experience.”

Ducharme produced the program with an EasyShare camera, which he rested on a tripod. He used Roxio software to edit the video. “I made the film to show people that it’s not as tough as it may seem,” he said. “It’s a great way to ‘pay back’ the environment. I encourage anyone interested in beekeeping to find out more about it: take a beekeeping class, contact your local beekeeping association, or talk to someone who has bees.”

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