On July 10, the Wolves from Cub Scout Pack 142 set up their stand in front of The Waldo Theatre on Main Street to sell traditional lemonade, pink lemonade, limeade, and some Rice Crispy treats. The money raised will offset den dues.

The 7-year-old boys took turns being the poster-child for the lemonade stand, wearing a sign and walking up and down Main Street. They also served costumers at the stand.

The boys were intrigued by a bat they located on a nearby wall, and got a chance to get a good look up close and learn more about bats, and to snap a few photos with a parent’s cell phone.

Participating in this event were Tyler McKay with the help of his little brother Kaleb and older sisters Angel and Breanna, T.J. Perkins, Dennis Locke, and Thane Waddell. After the stand closed down, the children walked to the Movie/Pizza Shoppe and Ice Cream Corner to get a cold treat.