Did you know that the fifth of July is traditionally one of the busiest days for animal shelters across the country? That’s because many pets freak out by the loud bangs of the local fireworks displays, they panic and head for the hills. The next day they are picked up as strays and brought to their local animal shelters. You may be tempted to bring your dog to join in all the fun and fireworks, because we all like to show off our four-legged friends, but for his safety leave him at home. Just because you don’t live near the fireworks display doesn’t mean someone down the street won’t be putting on a show of their own. To avoid having your cat or dog jump through a screen, dig under a fence or jump over a wall into heavy traffic, keep it safe and secure inside the house, preferably in a quiet room without windows. Leave on a radio, TV or fan to muffle the sounds of the fireworks. Most importantly, make sure your pet is wearing an I.D. tag with current information. If you need a tag we have an I.D. tag engraving machine at the shelter and for just $7 we can personalize a tag with current contact information. If your pet does stray from home, check all your local animal shelters, you’d be surprised how far your pet could have wandered. Have a fun and safe holiday.

Adopt an adult shelter cat and let freedom ring. It’s time for our annual Cat Independence Days promotion. Starting Friday, July 1 through Saturday, July 9 all of our adult cats, one year or older, can be adopted for the historic price of just $17.76. This is an amazing opportunity to get a wonderful feline companion. We are hoping that there are loving homes that will hear the call, do their Pet-riotic duty by giving a cat liberty from shelter life to let them pursue happiness in a forever home of their own. Had your heart set on kittens? Our wonderful foster families have dozens and dozens of kittens that are ready to steal your hearts. During our promotion if you adopt one kitten you can adopt a companion kitten for half the adoption fee. That’s double the love and double the entertainment. Adopt one kitten for only $50. Thank you to our many foster homes that spend countless hours lovingly caring for these little bundles of joy until they are ready for adoption. It truly is a labor of love and we are extremely lucky to have them as a part of our organization. If you are interested in being a foster family please call the shelter at 594-2200.

Our pet picks of the week are Bella and Pilson. Bella is a happy 2-year-old hound mix. She’s good with other dogs and kids. She’s a very friendly, sweet dog. Bella is however, crazy for live ducks, chickens and other fowl. No winged companions for this hound dog. Bella is a wonderful family dog who is sweet and docile but has plenty of energy for play in the great outdoors.

Pilson is a handsome, amiable feline about 2 years old. Always the bridesmaid and never the bride, Pilson has been overlooked for far too long at the shelter. He may not be as colorful or as assertive as some of his feline companions but he makes up for it with his sweet, affable nature. He plays well with other cats and really enjoys the company of people. You can pursue your happiness and his by adopting Pilson during Cat Independence Days.

Join us on Saturday, July 2 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Pet Quarters in Rockland to sign your pet up to be featured in our 2012 Pet Calendar. Spaces are limited so now’s your chance to make your pet a star while helping those animals less fortunate get a second chance. Every submission gets a complimentary calendar. For more information call 975-5084 or email HSKCcalendar@gmail.com.

Our wish list this week: Large black garbage bags, paper towels, HP Ink 901xl, HP Ink 92, FirstUp/EasyUp event tents, canned cat and dog food, wood pellets, KMR (kitten milk replacement), postage stamps, and gift certificate to Staples and Walmart.