Anthropologist, photographer and author Stephen Huyler will begin his fifth decade of visiting and studying India this fall and is inviting those interested in discovering this land of legend, extraordinary art, fascinating cultures, delicious food, innumerable peoples and layers upon layers of history to share it with him.

For the past 28 years, Huyler has traveled extensively throughout the subcontinent conducting field research. Some local residents know him through his frequent slide lectures about the arts, religions and particularly women’s identity and empowerment in India, while others remember his groundbreaking exhibition at Rockport’s Center for Maine Contemporary Art in 2005. Huyler’s six profusely illustrated books have always sold well in local bookstores and his most recent film, “Sonabai: Another Way of Seeing,” acclaimed as Best Film in five global film festivals, premiered at the Camden International Film Festival and has been shown in the Strand, Bayview Cinema, the Farnsworth Art Museum and Rockland Public Library.

This fall, Huyler will lead a three-week Another Way of Seeing India tour, a chance to understand India from the inside through the personal insights and introductions of someone who deeply loves that country. Participants will visit palaces, fortresses and temples, but also will be entertained in private homes and welcomed into aspects of India rarely seen by outsiders.

Huyler has focused his last ten years of work on celebrating women’s initiative in India, and the tour will visit women’s nonprofits and art and craft cooperatives, learning from the inside how they function. The culminating days of the trip will be spent in an extremely remote region of central India where only a few foreigners have ever visited.

Huyler’s last book, exhibition and film celebrated the life and art of Sonabai, a woman who was imprisoned in her home by her husband for 15 years and created on her walls a masterful style of art never before seen in India’s 4,000 years of recorded history. Tourgoers will be invited for meals in Sonabai’s home to see her remarkable art and partake in her village’s flamboyant harvest dance festival.

The tour will run Nov. 1 through 22. For more information, contact Huyler at 236-9763 or To find out more about Huyler and his work, visit, and

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