Camden First Aid Association has recently put two new LifePak 15 monitor/defibrillators into service. These are the most used pieces of lifesaving equipment that are on the ambulances.

CFAA has been operating with LifePak 12’s, but has found that the upgrade will assist in quicker diagnosis of some critical conditions and therefore lead to better outcomes for patients, according to a news release from CFAA. The particular set up that CFAA now have for the LP 15 makes it the only one of its kind in the state. In the past the monitors would only run off batteries and emergency medical providers could always run the risk of batteries failing, but this LP 15 can also be plugged right into the ambulance for a power supply and to recharge batteries. CFAA is also the first to have a temperature probe integrated into the machine. The skin temperature probe will be commonly used, but the new esophageal/rectal probe will allow for more accurate core body temperatures with hypothermic patients.

There are too many new features on these LP 15’s to mention. Everyone of the new updates makes using the machine easier and more reliable for emergency medical technicians. A big difference is the technology that the LP 15 has to detect ST segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction. This is one of the more severe types of heart attack and requires rapid interventions. It is not uncommon for patients to have to be in a cath-lab, at a specialized facility, in a timely manner. The new LP 15 can be equipped with a device to transmit 12 lead EKG’s to a facility right from the patient’s side on the scene or in the ambulance. This will assist in greatly cutting down on time that patients have to spend waiting to get to an appropriate facility and into the procedure that they desperately need. CFAA plans to put this process to work once there is a hospital in the state that will have the specialized receiving device.

CFAA currently operates four ambulances. Due to the high cost of this equipment, CFAA has only been able to purchase two of the LP 15’s at this time. Through grant writing and donations CFAA hopes to be able to purchase two more that will better serve the community.

If any member of the public would like to stop in and see the equipment that is used on the ambulances or get a tour of the station please feel free to stop by at 123 John St. in Camden form the hours of 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.