Many people who walk the Rockland Breakwater welcome the opportunity to rest after their nearly mile-long trek on the memorial benches located at the lighthouse. At the start of the 2011 season; however, this relaxing experience that affords grand views of the harbor and bay, was temporarily missing.

The memorial benches were brought to shore last fall for much-needed repairs, which were performed by Weatherend Estate Furniture in Rockland for the Friends of Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse.

Once Weatherend Estate Furniture completed the repairs to the benches, the next task was to determine the best method to transport them safely from land back to Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse.

The task, which required a boat large enough to accommodate the benches, as well as a number of strong hands to lift them up and over top of the boathouse once they arrived at the light, was handled by U.S. Coast Guard Station Rockland.

USCG Station Rockland, under the command of Chief Warrant Officer Sebastian Arnsdorf, utilized its 47-foot motor lifeboat for the operation and made short order of what would have otherwise been a very challenging task for the Friends of Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse, a chapter of the American Lighthouse Foundation.

“We can’t thank the Coast Guard enough for all their help,” said Eric Davis, chairman of the Friends of Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse, in a news release. “Time and again the Coast Guard has demonstrated their fine community spirit with help at the lighthouse – and this latest effort was no exception. The Coast Guard has a longstanding connection to lighthouses and they continue to keep this legacy burning bright with such assistance to our project.”

Thanks to U.S. Coast Guard Station Rockland providing a “big lift” to Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse, visitors can once again sit down, rest and take in one of the very best experiences Midcoast Maine has to offer!