‘182 years is quite an achievement’

Dear friends and neighbors of the Cushing community,

It is with great sadness that we must inform you we will not be reopening A. S. Fales and Son, (Fales Store). We realize that this will come as sad news and a great inconvenience to those who have supported Fales Store for many years, perhaps decades, in some cases, generations.

The decision to close the store was not made hastily. We have thought long and hard and have decided the day-to-day struggles associated with operating a small business in today’s economy are not viable. Fales Store will close and end with John R. Fales, the six-generation owner of A. S. Fales and Son. We are confident that John would approve of our decision.

Thank you all for the communal effort in making John’s Life Celebration such a perfect tribute. A community that can come together in this way is a very special place.

It is sad that Fales Store will not be opening but, if you take time to think about it, 182 years is quite an achievement.

Thank you all for your love and support!

Phyllis Fales and Kelly Fales

You’ve got to be kidding me!

This letter is directed to whomever stole the beautiful big red, white and blue hanging plant off my dad’s grave (William Wallace) at the Village Cemetery in Thomaston. I can’t believe you left a small plant on the grave in its place. The shepherd’s hook that held the hanging plant was pulled partway out of the ground as well. Perhaps you intended to come back for it later, but I have now taken it off myself. It is pretty bad that you felt the need to steal a plant from a grave. I have been taking care of this plant, keeping it watered since placing it there for my dad on Memorial Day. If you have any conscience at all you will return the plant back to where it belongs, and you will know that this is the right thing to do. You know who your are, and you know the plant is not yours.

Patty Wallace Beckett

Praise for Pen Bay

Pen Bay Healthcare and our family of services — Pen Bay Medical Center, Pen Bay Physicians & Associates, Kno-Wal-Lin Home Care & Hospice, Knox Center for Long Term Care and Quarry Hill Retirement Community — often receive letters of appreciation from the community members we serve. We would like to share one such letter, from Mona Hall of Appleton, which we received on April 20:

“I was a patient at Pen Bay hospital from April 11 to 14. I started off in the ER and ended up in Room 33. From the moment I stepped into your hospital, I was met with courtesy and caring. Every doctor, nurse and CNA I encountered was dedicated to my health and comfort and well-being. I wish I could remember all their names so they could receive the credit they deserve. Even the woman who took my meal order acted as if she knew exactly who I was and cared! I just wanted you to know what a terrific group of professionals you have at Pen Bay. Sincerely, Mona Hall.”

Roy Hitchings
President and CEO
Pen Bay Healthcare

Safe removal of hazardous materials

Congratulations to the communities of Mid Coast and Tri County Solid Waste who teamed up to have a household hazardous waste collection day on June 18. Together they removed the potential of over 1,250 gallons of hazardous substances from the environment and their homes! Over 400 households participated.

The day was not without its long lines and a fair bit of waiting. It was also not without its bit of drama as the line was shut down due to the delivery of some less-than-stable chemical compounds found while cleaning out a basement! But, that’s what it’s all about. We all need to realize that seemingly innocuous items can become pretty hazardous over time!

There are a number of takeaways from this event. For me, I need to allow more time and space for the collection and consider having it on a Sunday. I also need to work on keeping the cost to the public down to as close to $10 per unit (five gallons or 20 pounds) as I can. This year we had a grant from the State Planning Office that helped us achieve this. Next year we may not have a State Planning Office!

For the homeowner I think the lesson might be to really take stock of what is stashed away in your basements, garages and barns and if it is a hazardous item, decide if you are really going to use it or even if it is still usable. If it is unlikely to be used or it is past its use-by date, bring it to the next collection, which will be a year from now in June. I wish we could hold such a collection more often, but it is expensive. The best solution may lie at the county level with the creation of a permanent regional collection point.

Androscoggin County has one and you can get information about it on this site: avcog.org, click on Hazardous Household Waste.

All in all, we thank you for your patience, your participation and upbeat and positive spirits you all so generously shared the day of this event.

Ciao for now,

Jim Guerra
Manager of Mid-Coast Solid Waste Corp.

Thank you for support

To all the people who voted in the last election — congratulations for choosing representatives who truly care about Rockport. For those who voted for me — thanks for your support and kind words. They are truly appreciated.

Gordon Best

Miles of Hope

Such a wonderful service that cancer patients and survivors in the Midcoast area have with Jim Gamage’s Trolley of Hope. I had the good fortune of using this service to go to my appointment at the Lance Armstrong Foundation Survivor’s Clinic at Dana Farber in Boston on June 16. Liz Twitchell, my driver, got me in and out of Boston without problems, and made the ride effortless for me. This service helps make such appointments less of an inconvenience to families and they also know that their family member is in safe hands. A big thank-you to Jim Gamage and Liz Twitchell for all that you do for the community.

Vicki Harriman