The Waldoboro Planning Board on June 22 reviewed and approved the final drafts of proposed regulations for methadone clinics and marijuana dispensaries and cultivation facilities.

The next step for the proposed ordinances is for the Board of Selectmen to review them and hold another public hearing. To go into effect, the proposed ordinances would have to be approved by voters; the goal of the planning board is to have the ordinances on the ballot in November.

The planning board started working on the ordinances after townspeople voted in January for a moratorium on methadone clinics and marijuana dispensaries. The planning board held a public hearing on the proposed ordinances in May. The Board of Selectmen on June 14 extended the moratorium for 180 days.

The medical marijuana dispensary and cultivation facility ordinance would restrict those operations to the Route 1 Commercial A District. Only one cultivation facility and one dispensary would be allowed in town. All the activities for cultivation and dispensing would have to be conducted indoors and not be visible from outside.

Security would be required. “At a minimum, registered dispensaries and registered cultivation facilities shall have door and window intrusion alarms with audible and police notification components,” the final draft states.

For cultivation facilities, video surveillance would be required 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For a dispensary, the minimum requirement would be video surveillance “at all times that the facility is not open to patients.” Planning board members previously said this was because of patient confidentiality.

The proposed methadone/opioid treatment facility ordinance would allow only one clinic in town (this was a change following the May public hearing). The clinic would be have to be located in the Route 1 Commercial A District.

The ordinance requires waiting and treating rooms. “Waiting or queuing of patients outside of the clinic building will not be tolerated,” the methadone ordinance states.

For security, the ordinance states that “At a minimum, licensed methadone clinics shall have door and window intrusion alarms with audible and police notification components.”

The final drafts of the proposed ordinances were unanimously endorsed by the planning board members at the meeting: Chairman Charles Campbell, Vice Chairman Abden Simmons, Carlo Bianchi, Ed Karkow and Jonathan “Jody” Perry. Secretary Susan Alexander contributed her eagle eye to the editing, and Planning and Development Director Misty Gorski also participated in the meeting.

The planning board also voted to approve a proposed ordinance for street access/driveways. They also worked on the checklist of requirements for site plan reviews.

The day after the meeting, Gorski noted that some citizens wanted restrictions that were beyond what the planning board could incorporate into the land use ordinance. She said the planning board will suggest that if selectmen feel these are important restrictions, then the town could look into a licensing process in addition to the ordinances.