The Thomaston Public Library’s main entryway now houses something one doesn’t often see in a library: a gas grill. The Friends of Thomaston Public Library received the grill as a donation from Lowe’s of Thomaston, and they are now selling tickets to raffle it off as a fundraiser.

“All the money from the raffle will ultimately go toward library programs,” said Head Librarian Brian Sylvester in a news release. “We’re really grateful for the donation. It’s a great fundraiser.”

The charbroil grill, which has a retail value of $100, will be displayed during the Library’s Fourth of July Book Sale, and during the Authors and Authors Among Us lecture series, scheduled to begin July 6. The lecture series brings local authors and artists to the library for short lectures on their work.

The raffle tickets will cost $5 each and will be on sale in the library. The raffle drawing will be held on Aug. 10, when author Jim Nichols will be presenting a lecture on his latest book.

For more information on the raffle or the Authors and Artists Among Us lecture series, call the library at 354-2453.