Voting results

In case you missed it in last’s week’s paper I will write the results of voting here in town of Hope. There were 331 who voted out of a possible of 1,159 registered voters.

Selectman, Assessor and Overseer of the Poor – Wendy Pelletier 201, Jason Hall 193, Lewis Merrifield 150. School committee – Dawn Smith-Cote 163, Christine Alberi 110. Budget committee – Jean Ettlinger 202, Janice Campbell 190, Terry Miller 183, Mark Dierckes 145. Road Commissioner – John Monroe 236 and Alex Ludwig (write-in) 58.

Article 3: Hope Elementary School Budget – yes 234, no 73. Article 4: Shall this municipality authorize the State to permit the operation of state liquor stores and agency liquor stores on Sundays? Yes 209 – no 118. Article 5: Authorize the State to permit the operation of state liquor stores and agency liquor stores on days other than Sundays? Yes 259 – no 68. Article 6: Wind power moratorium – yes 191 – no 131. Article 7: Hope addressing ordinance amendments yes 198 – no 95. Article 8: PACE yes 191 – no 115. CSD Budget yes 254 – no 62.

Canoe still missing

Have you seen the missing red canoe, 16-foot Royalex Indian Brand. Veteran of River Wrecks recently refurbished, repairs midship, thwart and seats. Blue bow and stern lines. Canoe was on rack near shore of Mansfield Pond and it is hoped it will be returned there. Please send information on canoe’s where abouts to or call 763-3014.

Snowmobile picnic

The Hatchet Mt. Sno-Riders picnic will be again held at Margaret and Joel Morse home in North Hope. Hot dogs, chips, beverage will be furnished plus plates and cups. People are asked to bring something to add to the event, salads and casseroles. Saturday, July 9 at noon. Call 763-3751 if you have questions.

Eighth-grade graduation

Tuesday, June 14 the Hope Elementary School had 19 students graduate. They are Caitlin Agnor, James Archer, Bill Bracher, Samantha Campbell, Katelyn Durkee, Jared Gilbert, Ashley Gunn, Adam Holbrook, Nicole Wincapaw, Taylor Wilson, Nathan Soule, Ella Scott, Casey Rouleau, Logan Ribar, Paige Morgridge, Caitlin McGrath, Shannon Hopkins, Ian Low and Mark McCluskey. Good luck to you all. Guest speaker for this event was Dottie Holbrook.