The Midcoast is in sorrow this week with the untimely death of a teenager, Aleisha Sonksen, who died in a car accident late in the night June 20. She was young, bright, beautiful, and so ready to take on the world. Her family is in shock, and her friends, a large web of young adults from Owls Head to Lincolnville, are mourning, trying to make sense of a senseless space in time when a lovely girl left this world.

There are too few words to express comfort for all who are burdened heavily by this grief. It is the simple gestures now that sustain, and the ability to comfort, with gentle words, a touch of a shoulder, a hug. That is how we ensure a web of support remains strong for those now most in need of it. Our hearts are with Aleisha’s family and friends as they traverse these hard days.