Welcome summer!

Animal antics and other phenomenons of nature seem to fill our corner of the world this June. From the amazing double rainbow that followed a thunderstorm on June 18 and viewed all along the immediate Midcoast to suddenly sumptuous flower gardens all abloom, June is delivering a show of life and color. The solstice occurred at 1:16 p.m., June 21, under bright azure skies and warming temperatures. With summer’s arrival, so too comes the traffic, and variety of out-of-state license plates. And we’ve noticed that with the dollar weakening across the globe, the number of visitors with foreign accents has increased. Something to be said for living in a spot that tourists appreciate. Must be that certain cast of light, and sense of place.

In Lincolnville, a scarlet Tanager surprised Karl and Louisa Gerstenberger with his presence in their backyard. The Piranga olivacea male is brilliantly red with black wings and tail. The female is drab greenish-gray. Their gray bills is stout and sharp. Tangers, from South America, are found in variety of wooded areas along the Maine coast and feed on insects and fruit.