Appleton High School Alumni Banquet

The Appleton High School Alumni Association will be holding their 59th annual alumni banquet Saturday, June 25 at Appleton Village School. Members of the Alumni Association will be treated to a dinner prepared by the Medomac Valley Grange. Dinner will include turkey or ham and strawberry shortcake. Usually, at the yearly banquet, the graduating class is honored as well the anniversary class in decade increments. For example, this year the class of 2011, 2001, 1991, 1981, etc. will be recognized. The Appleton High School was organized in 1949. Each year the Alumni Association awards scholarships to Appleton residents. Membership is extended to all former students of Appleton High Schools and Appleton graduates of Camden-Rockport High School and Camden Hills Regional High School. Dinner and Alumni dues are $5, respectively. If you forgot to mail your reservations, you can pay at the door.

Medomac Valley Grange

The Medomac Valley Grange meets Monday, June 27 for a regular meeting at the Medomac Valley Grange Hall in Burkettville. Regular meetings are held twice a month and new members are always welcome!

Appleton graduates

Congratulations to the Appleton eighth grade who graduated last week on June 13! The graduating eighth-grade class of 20 students included Carly Berke, Carrie Boyington, Ashley Burr, Carly Dorsky, Brianna Flynn, Leif Flynn, Nicki Fowlie, Tristan Harrison-Billiat, Cameron Lafleche, Sierra Marston, Makayla Maxwell, Katelin Moody, Nathan Pascal, Danica Pease, Rachel Pease, Kristen Sims, Wyatt Earp Summers, Jane van der Schaaf, Paige Widdecomb and Makayla Witham. You have had some fantastic accomplishments and I know there will be many successes in high school. Enjoy the summer!

And for those from Appleton that graduated from Camden Hills Regional High School- Well Done! Congratulations to Mia Bergmann, Hana Berke, Maxwell Bragg, Rachael Brown, Brady Clark, Samantha Esancy, Kara Ann Fowlie, Isaac Grindle, Sarah Kennedy, Adam Landwehr, Matt Maxwell, Jed Patten, Jacob Power, Sam Vail and Stephen Widdecomb.

And finally, there is another group that have “graduated” from Appleton this year. Nancy DeRico and Madame Goodrich have both left Appleton Village School for the greener pastures of retirement. I know I join the rest of Appleton in wishing them the best of luck. During Field Day, DeRico was presented with a bench in her honor. I visited the school today and saw the bench facing garden among many flowers. Perfect!

Moose hunt

I happened to be looking at the list of Moose permit recipients (not because I was in the running- I wasn’t.) But, I did catch a few Appleton names on the list. A big congratulations to Raymond Gushee, Deborah Millay, David Bragg, Michael Egan, Gene Frost and Stephan Stone. Better luck next year to everyone else!

Farmers’ market

Every Saturday, on my rush to get errands done as quickly as possible, I always find myself slowing down when I go past the Farmers’ Market in Searsmont. I am very lucky that I can get our eggs from the neighbors and our beef from our family and our vegetables from the garden. I finally stopped this weekend at the farmers market and I wasn’t disappointed. What a great way to support our local farmers and businesses. Searsmont just happens to be the most convenient for me. I know that Union and Camden also have a farmers market. For more information there is a Farmers’ Market Directory at

Free Time?

Now that all of the kiddies have a lot more free time, here is a reminder of the library hours:

Tuesdays from 12 noon to 5 p.m., Wednesdays from 3 to 6 p.m., Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. For more information go to

Here is a reminder about the Appleton Library Summer Reading Program

Summer is a great time to read! Use your down time to start a new book series, explore a new genre, or catch up on the books written by your favorite author! What ever your interest, your local library is the best place to visit to stock up on reading materials!

The Appleton Library would like to challenge students in grades K-12 to collectively read 100 books this summer! How many books will you read to help meet this goal?


1. Register at the library circulation desk.

2. Borrow books with your Appleton Library card.

3. Read!

4. Return your books to the library and record the title of any completed book(s).

5. Repeat steps 1-4!

The library will host a participation party in September 2011—please join in the FUN, enjoy your summer and challenge yourself to READ!