Members of the Fales family announced June 23 that they will not be reopening the A. S. Fales & Son store.

The store’s owner, John R. Fales of Cushing, died unexpectedly June 16. He was the sixth generation to run the family business that has become a landmark for Cushing.

“It is with great sadness that we must inform you we will not be reopening A. S. Fales and Son, (Fales Store),” Phyllis and Kelly Fales wrote in a letter to the editor. “We realize that this will come as sad news and a great inconvenience to those who have supported Fales Store for many years, perhaps decades, in some cases, generations.

“The decision to close the store was not made hastily. We have thought long and hard and have decided the day-to-day struggles associated with operating a small business in today’s economy are not viable. Fales Store will close and end with John R. Fales, the six-generation owner of A. S. Fales and Son. We are confident that John would approve of our decision.”

The letter also talked about the celebration of life that was held for Fales June 20 outside the store.

“Thank you all for the communal effort in making John’s Life Celebration such a perfect tribute. A community that can come together in this way is a very special place.”

“It is sad that Fales Store will not be opening but, if you take time to think about it, 182 years is quite an achievement.”

Fales Store was established in 1829 by Elisha Fales at Pleasant Point in Cushing Harbor, according to an article that ran in VillageSoup for the celebration of the store’s 180th anniversary in 2009. In 1853 Elisha moved to Broad Cove and built a new ‘Fales Store.’ Elisha’s son Augustus S. worked with him at the new store and around 1860 became a partner.

The present day store was built by Augustus in 1889 and was passed on through the generations.

The present day Fales Store has been owned and operated by John Fales and his wife, Phyllis, with their daughter Kelly representing the seventh generation.

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