The morning of June 18, 13 members of Mid-Coast Shrine Club made a dual purpose visit the home of Deborah Damon in Owls Head. There they met 8- year-old Sahmara Robbins and 5-year-old Makayla O’Hara-Damon.

Robbins had heard that a group called the Shriners collect flip-top tabs from cans, cash them in, and use the funds to purchase medical equipment for the Shrine Hospitals for Children and the Shrine Burn Centers all over the world. She wanted to help. Saturday morning Robbins presented two 10 gallon containers and several food storage bags of tabs she had acquired from several sources to the Shriners.

Robbins also wanted to meet a child who had received medical care in one of the Shrine hospitals. On Saturday she met Makayla O’Hara-Damon, the granddaughter of Deborah Damon, a 5 year old with cerebral palsy who had surgery on May 18 in the Shrine Children’s Hospital in Springfield, Mass. The purpose of the surgery was to correct a hip dislocation and to help prevent scoliosis. O’Hara-Damon is currently in a full body cast with a special attachment to keep her legs spread to aid proper alignment of her hips. It is expected she will be in the cast for 10 weeks, then return to the Springfield hospital for evaluation and further corrective services.

Because of the cerebral palsy, O’Hara-Damon suffers a multitude of physical and neurological problems. With this most recent surgery, additional corrective actions, and physical therapy, the family hopes she will one day be able to walk. Until then, she is confined to a wheelchair and uses other specialized equipment. As a result, her family is in need of a specially equipped vehicle.

In order to help raise the funds necessary to make such a purchase, a special three-day benefit yard sale/bake sale will be held Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, June 24-26 at the Tom Fence Company on US. Route 1 in Warren. There will also be a bottle drive at the sale and they will be collecting the flip-top tabs for the Shriner’s.

Any questions about the Makalya Mikey Fund can call Sheila Polky at 593-2297. If anyone wishes to make a monetary donation, please make a donation to: Makayla Mikey Fund, c/o Key Bank Association, 331 Main Street, Rockland, Maine 04841.