Michael Marriner thought he was shooing a dog from the yard at his Pitcher Pond camp on Third Avenue Sunday night, but the furry black animal was no canis lupus familiaris.

“It started to climb a tree and I realized it was a bear,” said Marriner.

The medium-size black bear retreated to a tree in the back yard, said Marriner, giving him enough time to grab his camera before it came back for what it was looking for – black oil sunflower seeds in the bird feeder alongside the pond’s edge.

Easily bending the metal hanger and pulling the feeder off the hook, the bear settled onto the ground and fed on the seeds that spilled to the ground.

“It stayed for about 15 or 20 minutes,” said Marriner. “It’s the first time I’ve seen a bear there in the 40 years my wife’s family has had this camp here.”