The senior championships, twilight league and women’s play highlighted recent action at the Rockland Golf Club.

On June 19 in the club’s senior championships, Bryan Hocking and Helen Plourd won the men’s and women’s division respectively. Hocking shot 72 for 18 holes and Plourd 86.

For men, the age-group winners were:

Ages 50-59 — Jim Raye, first gross 78; and Tom Quantrell, first net 81-68.

Ages 60-69 — Victor Goldsmith, first gross 80; and Larry Schooley, first net 84-71.

Ages 70-79— Emery Howard Jr., first gross 85.

Ages 80 and older — George Carpenter, first gross 84.

For women, the age-group winners were:

Ages 60-69 — Madolin Fogarty, first gross 90; and Bobbi Andrus, first net 92-69.

Ages 80 and older — Betty Farrand, first gross 111 and first net 111-82.

On June 16 in the women’s “putting around” tourney, the results were:

A Flight — Andrus, 26; Donni Witham, 22; Wendy Pires, 20; and Fogarty, 19.

B Flight — Sue Wootton, 33; Farrand, 28; Virginia Goeke, 24; and Jan Bradeen, 21.

C Flight — Mary Kaufman, 20; Pat Ashton, 18; Martha Bouchard, 16; and Joanna Schleif, 2.

Pin winners were: Goeke, 11 feet 5 inches on the 10th hole; and Bradeen, 32-2 on the 18th.

On June 15 in twilight league play, Jason Willis finished first gross 36; Reilly Flanagan, second gross 41; Jamey Kitchen, first net 31; and Mark McGuirl, second net 33. Skin winners were: Willis on the first hole; Kitchen on the third; and Kevin LaBree on the seventh.

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