The Legislature has given its approval to allow citizens to purchase fireworks, with restrictions.

The House and Senate have both approved LD 83, sponsored by Rep. Douglas Damon, R-Bangor, which gained the backing of the Legislature’s Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee.

The bill, if signed by the governor, would not take effect until 90 days from when the Legislature adjourns, which is expected to be next week.

The revised legislation allows municipalities to enact local laws to prohibit the sale and possession of fireworks. Municipalities may also require sellers of fireworks to obtain local permits.

LD 83 excludes missile-type rockets, helicopters and aerial spinners, and sky rockets and bottle rockets from the definition of “consumer fireworks.”

The Senate voted for the bill on June 16 by a 22-12 margin. Sen. Christopher Rector, R-Thomaston, voted against the bill. Sens. A. David Trahan, R-Waldoboro, and Michael Thibodeau, R-Winterport, voted for the measure.

In the House on June 15 the vote was 79 to 63 for the bill. Voting for allowing the public to buy and possess fireworks in the state were Reps. Dana Dow, R-Waldoboro; Wes Richardson, R-Warren; Andrew O’Brien, D-Lincolnville; Deborah Sanderson, R-Chelsea; and Jonathan Mckane, R-Newcastle.

Voting against the bill were Reps. Chuck Kruger, D-Thomaston; Joan Welsh, D-Rockport; and Walter Kumiega III, D-Deer Isle.

Rep. Edward Mazurek, D-Rockland, was absent from the vote.