Political newcomer Darryl Sanborn remained the winner of a seat to represent Thomaston on the Regional School Unit 13 Board following a recount June 15.

At the end of the recount, Sanborn had 110 votes compared to 101 for incumbent Jamie Doubleday who was serving as chairwoman of the RSU 13 Board. On election night, the count was 108 to 103 in Sanborn’s favor.

Doubleday had asked for the recount because of the closeness of the vote.

She had represented Thomaston on first the School Administrative District 50 Board and then RSU 13 for 14 years. She served for several years as the chairwoman of the SAD 50 Board.

Doubleday became the chairwoman of the RSU 13 Board in March when Chairwoman Ruth Anne Hohfeld of South Thomaston was defeated in her re-election bid at town meeting.

Doubleday had also chaired the negotiations committee for the district and was a leading advocate of the Many Flags, One Campus proposal.

Esther Kilgour of Rockland is the vice chairwoman of the RSU 13 Board.