Waldoboro voters elected Clinton Collamore Sr. and Craig Cooley on June 14 to three-year terms on the Board of Selectmen, according to the warden’s tally from the town clerk.

Clinton Collamore Sr.: 336
Craig Cooley: 286

Gordon Colby: 261
Robert Butler: 223
Abden Simmons: 195
James Bodman: 156
Jeffrey Hurd: 101
Melvin Williams: 88

“All I can say is thank you to the voters, that’s the bottom line,” Collamore said. Collamore has a long history of service on the Board of Selectmen, including as chairman.

Cooley said, “I want to thank everyone that did support me, and feel free to give me a call.” Cooley said he “very much” looks forward to serving on the board for a three-year term. He was elected last year to a one-year term.

Francis Cross and Deborah Kent were elected to the Board of Directors of Maine School Administrative District 40 for three-year terms.

Francis Cross: 455
Deborah Kent: 423

Christopher Duffy: 322
Sandra O’Farrell: 284

Ellen Winchenbach, Ted Mohlie and Duncan Morrell were elected to the Budget Committee for three-year terms.

Ellen Winchenbach: 524
Ted Mohlie: 438
Duncan Morrell: 353

John Higgins: 344
Charles Maxcy: 292
Herbert Kauffman: 204

Craig Lewis was elected to the Budget Committee for a one-year term.

Craig Lewis: 505
Steven Smith: 261

Utility District:

David Starr Jr. was elected to a one-year term on the Utility District with 690 votes.

Frederick Bess was elected to a three-year term on the Utility District with 666 votes. Samuel Chapman received 9 write-in votes.