A 2011-2012 Regional School Unit 13 budget that will hike property taxes in Rockland gained approval June 14 at the polls.

The $25,948,205 budget was supported 371-232.

The $25,948,205 budget is about 2 percent more than the approved 2010-2011 budget.

Rockland will have to raise $7,207,099, an increase of 4 percent. Thomaston will have to raise $3,100,968, up 1 percent.

St. George will have to raise $4,017,838, a decrease of nearly 5 percent. Cushing will have to raise $2,550,578, a drop of nearly 4 percent. South Thomaston will have to raise $2,395,544, a drop of less than 1 percent. Owls Head will have to raise $2,261,958, a drop of 8 percent.

One major uncertainty on the expense side is pay. The district has no contracts in place for 2011-2012. The teacher contract, which accounts for the largest amount of personnel costs, expired in the summer of 2009. Under the current system, former SAD 50 teachers are paid less than their counterparts in the SAD 5 system.

The budget includes $300,000 in contingencies that school officials said could be used to cover any pay increases if contracts are approved during the next budget year, which begins July 1.

The budget was opposed slightly in Rockland (76 to 80) and South Thomaston (18 to 23) but was supported in four other communities — Thomaston 165 to 50, St. George 61 to 54, Cushing 24 to 17, and Owls Head 27 to 8.

The budget calls for six fewer teaching positions and reducing or consolidating four administrative positions. But no layoffs of teachers are expected because of the expected retirement of at least seven teachers following an incentive package offered by the district.