Prescott Memorial School announces its fourth quarter honor roll for the 2010-2011 school year.

High Honor Roll (All A’s)

Grade 3

High honors (all As): Sage Curtis, Ilie Parmley, Ava Schlottman

Honors (all As and Bs): Gabe Allaire, Clayton Belcher, Isaac Casas, Merritt Gould, Elizabeth Hopkins, Riley Micklich, Richard Ware

Grade 4

High honors (all As): Christopher Bowman, Greyson Clark, Joseph Horovitz, Scott Huber, Alden McLain

Honors (all As and Bs): Kelsey Berry, Ethan Frank, Emily Grinnell, Matthew Jackson, Emily Simmons, Mikayla Timberlake, Joanna Turner

Grade 5

High honors (all As): Tyler Bowman

Honors (all As and Bs): Dakota Collins, Harley Dustin, Colin Fournier, Mahaley Witham

Grade 6

High honors (All As): Jane Horovitz

Honors (all As and Bs): Cale Gee, Jasmine Packard, Kayla Tesseo, Nikole Williams